Welcome to One of the World’s Leading Manufacturers of Homeopathic Combination Medications.

  • Heel medications are designed to induce the natural healing mechanisms of the body.
  • They are made of several different natural substances, mostly homeopathically prepared.
  • Thanks to our modern research program, we are also a global player in the field of science-based homeopathic medicine.

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Taking a fresh look at healing processes

What makes us special is that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to medical challenges.

  • We combine homeopathic active substances to create easy-to-use medications.
  • We have taken a good look at the origin and treatment of disease and developed a new way of thinking about it.
  • We call our approach a homeotherapeutic system – following the principle of activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance.
  • We do not see homeopathy and conventional medicine as opposites, but instead have made it our job to build the bridge between them.

Helping patients get well – as intended by nature

Our commitment is to help patients get well again, but we don’t see the body as just another “machine” to be fixed. Heel medications are usedin the framework of our unique therapeutic system in order to stimulate the body’s own bio-regulating processes.

Bringing natural-based medicine and science together

Putting homeopathic healing properties on a scientific footing by modern state-of-the art research is important to us.