What is Homotoxicology All About?
Professor (Dr med) Michael F. Kirkman
MB, ChB, DTM&H, FICS. Hon FFCH. FIIRSM. FRIPHH. FRSH. M.I. Biol. MIHPE. Chartered Biologist.


"Classical medicine, conventional or allopathic medicine, seeks to influence the chemical processes of our body with chemical substances in order to block or transform the processes which cause illness, which is often reflected in the patient suddenly feeling better, but with the risk of side effects/iatrogenic states.  Biological, (naturopathic), medicine attempts to influence the body obliquely, using medicinal stimulants, so that the body's own regulatory process put it into a position, or back into a position where they can restore the disruptive functions back to normal, with minimal side effects, and hence induce healing and health.  

 Homotoxicology and Anti Homotoxic Therapy is a holistic scientifically rational biomedical system of healing, based on classical molecular immuno-pathology and diagnostics, incorporating the valid system of Ground Regulation, and utilising homoeopathically prepared therapeutics.  This all occurs within a model of increasingly accepted electrodiagnostic bio-electric energy imbalances, which need to be countered with 'bio-energetic therapeutic interventions' such as acupuncture and homoeopathic medicine, together with total nutrient and psychological support for comprehensive patient care, and thus healing effectiveness.  Double-blind, clinically controlled trials published in peer reviewed medical establishment journals have enhanced the validity today of the "Homotoxicology" system of medical care, promulgated by  Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in 1952- a system which has developed and 'stood the test of time' since he formulated it.

 Reckeweg formulated an essential tenet of homotoxicology thus: Disease is the expression of a resistance struggle by cybermetically controlled flow system, (i.e. the human organism or "homo electromagneticus"), against endogenic homotoxins, i.e. homotoxins to man.

Examples of the former are by-products of normal anabolism and catabolism, as also from inflammatory process; and the latter allergens, pollutants inhaled, ingested or absorbed via the skin integument.  Free radicals, (oxidants), such as reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species can be considered endogenous toxins, however generated; as also are the hormonal excesses generated by stress of various origins.

Viewed within this framework, diseases are a biologically goal-orientated useful process, i.e. the expression of biologically purposeful defence mechanism against homotoxins, or the expression of the organism's effor to compensate for toxic damage it has sustained.

1) reticulo-endothelium system
 (here the antibodies are formed, homotoxins are stored.)

2) andenohypophyseal-suprarenal cortex mechanic
(direction of the suprarenal function by the adenchypophyseal hormones, also of the function of the connective tissue.  Stimulation and consequent restriction of inflammation.)

3)neural reflex system
(excitation and irritation syndrome-Reiliy)

4) detoxication function of the liver
(acid coupling, deposit of homotoxins, homotoxon coupling)

5) detoxification of the connective tissue
(storage of homotoxins, antigenantibody reaction, inflammation, formation of leukocytical cells).

The functions of the great defense system are directed against the causative diseases toxins (homotoxin in central position).

According to Dr. Reckeweg, the physiological-immuno defensive system of the body can be subdivided into five subdivisions, each of which has extensive overlap and interdependency, and influenced by Phycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological linkages, (PNEI), including neuropeptide and neurotransmitter micro-chemical effects.  The 5 "arms" are thus:

1.  Reticulo-Endothelial System (RES)- these heterogenous group of cells have the power to ingest an antigen and present it to immuno-competent, (macrophages and histiocytes).  These cells also have a significant communication function as they contain receptors for most neurochemicals and hormones.  The system is seen in the connective tissue, lymphoid tissue, myeloid tissue, liver sinusoids and the microglial cells of the Central Nervous System.

2.  The Endocrine System -this is concerned with the hypo-physical adrenal axis of Reckeweg, to which I would add in view of recent research in physio-immunology the thymic-autonomic axis and its hormone releases.  There is a dirunul flow in the acid-base balance of the connective tissue under control of the autonomic nervous system, an dthe hormones adrenalin, thyroxine and follicular hormone.  Growth hormones, through the somatomedins have a stimulating effect on the connective tissue.  ACTH via its stimulating effect on the adrenal cortex, first increases inflammation through the action of deoxy-cortisol and small doses of cortisol.  It is at this level that the stress syndrome acts.  As the cortisol concentration increases, inflammation is suppressed.

3. The Neural Reflex System - this system causes changes in the autonomic tone, the blood flow and muscular tension, thus influencing the removal of toxins, and also simulating lymph floor drainage.  This is also the basis of neural therapy involving curative techniques administered via the ANS, and a valid adjunct therapy to anti-homotoxical therapy.

4. The Liver - is the major site of detoxification in the body through chemical transformation to toxins to neutral excretable substances.  It is important to note that the liver's ability to achieve this, as also its other main function of protein, and other essential synthesis for immune system factors and neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and enzymes, (including mineral element and other vitamin like co-factors), and anti-oxidants.

'Functional Food' supplements are essential to provide all essential micronutrients and phytonutrients.  Spirulina, Chlorella, Aloe Vera, Sweet Wheat are the best natural supplements while also providing "cleansing/ stimulant" chlorophyll, while Probiotics when supplemented aid nutrient absorbtion, natural anti-biotic production and healthy colon for optimum vitamin etc synthesis and mico-element and fructo-oligo-saccharide availability from food.

  5. The Connective Tissue- has a detoxification function, (humoral and cellular defences); however, it is an area of storage of toxins, antigen/antibody reactions, inflammation, formation of leucocytic cells, lymphocyte and macrophage defences.

Two interesting points: 1) An overabundance of any substance may act in a homotoxic manner, just as the absence of essential organic or inorganic factors critical in maintaining the flow-equilibrium, (such as trace elements and antitoxidant vitamins), may cause homotoxic effects, e.g. lack of necessary coupling factors.   2) Herring, (of Law fame), observed that many actrionic diseases of women and children are the results of using too much sugar, (the 'pure white and deadly' of Prof. Yudkin), -this observation on the drug effects of sugar anticipates the recent concern about the ill-effects of over cunsumption of this substance, and leading to Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity, i.e. Deposition.
. The life of any higher multicellular organism is coupled to the following 3 elements: a) the terminal vascular bed, (including lymph vessels), b) the ground substance, (extracellular matrix),


 The Ground Regulation


Hence cells have a reciprocal, interdependent relationship with the environment.  Understood biochemically the matrix is a meshwork made up of high-polymer sugar-protein complexes, with embedded structure, (collagen, elastin), and networking glyco-proteins, (fibronectin, laminin etc).

The electrolability of the matrix allows for communication systems to occur both laterally and centrally via the spiral cord to the brain by means of somatic and visceral, (ANS), pathways as also by chemical mediation.  Acupuncture points, (or more truly 'holes'), represent perforations in the superficial fascia, i.e. the border between subcutaneous connective tissue and muscle tissue.  An increased electrical conductivity compared to immediate surroundings can be detected at the 'holes', i.e. difference in potential between them can be measured.  This situation is the basis of Electro-Acupuncture and Diagnostics, (EAV), according to Voll, in the form of adjunct to homotoxic determinants.  All the acupuncture entities lying along a kinetic muscle can be activated in EAV, equally dysfunction can be detected.  These chains correspond largely with meridians.

Thus access to the ground regulation can be attained and accessed, both environmentally and therapeutically, and utilised in neural therapy, biopuncture and homoeosiniaty - infiltration of the holes by stimulation by or alongside anti-homotoxic therapy.  Scientific rationale of the existence and changes of the matrix in disease can be determined by a process of diagnostics termed Biological Terrain Assessment.

Dr. Reckeweg developed a Six-Phase Table of Homo-toxicosis, (progression and regression of disease), and which also provides a basis for anti-homotoxic therapy.  The tissue affected is simply expressed along the vertical axis according to its embryological origin, i.e. ectodermal, entro or endodermal, mesenchymal and mesodermal, though in effect each of these is further subdivided into structural and functional components.  The author believes that in order to totally understand Reckeweg's system a review of embryology is necessary, which results in logical rationale understanding.

 The 6-Phase Table- (see attached laminate)

There are 3 topic phases, i.e.  humoral and cellular being key and the intermediate or matrix phase of illness, divided in the middle by the biological division.
 a)  The Humoral Phases- called in division, diseases of disposition. 1)Excretion Phase-  sweating, rhinitis, urine, bile, diarrhoea, all acting to remove toxins.

2)  Inflammation Phase (Reaction) Eczema, Pneumonitis, Nephritis, Hepatitis, Arthritis.

 b)    3) Deposition Phase- deactivation of toxins AND their storage in the matrix.

___________________________________________________________Biological   Division

4) Impregnation-  commencement of enzyme damage and failure to eliminate toxins.

e)  The Cellular Phases:-  5)  Degeneration Phase- enzymes catalytic stages of damage.
6) Neoplasm Phase:- constitution diseases and deterioration and cell genome and organ damage.

6.  Phases of Defense Mechanism Against Toxins


 This table gives rise to the Reckewegian concept of Vicariation i.e. Succession of one immuno-pathological phenomena by another, (based on Herring's Law),
and organised on embrological germ layer.


This is based on the concept of all disease symptoms and signs being part of a unified reaction process of the 'holistic' body.  "regressive vicariation" represents an improvement in the disease condition and detoxification; while " progressive vicariation", i.e. left to right, or verticaly downward on the Table represents deterioration or failure to remove toxins.  The Reckeweg System of Homotoxicosis is truly an intuitive and inspired System of Medicine which has stood the test of time, whilst also TOTALLY in accord with modern day immunopathological concepts including microchemistry, physics and molecular biological research.

Anti-homotoxic therapy is out of the scope of this article, which seeks to "wet your appetite" and generate your best interest in the System, and seek further learning and understanding of the System by Seminar, Courses and Distance Learning via the Society in the UK., and information concerning Clinical Trials.

Suffice it to say therapeutically the Reckeweg concept can be considered the link between Homoeopathy and Classical Medicine, based as it is on modern concepts of bio-energetic, cybernetic "vital energy" systems in the body, and the use of homoeopathically prepared complex remedies usually in low potencies, designed to restore the patients self-healing vital energy and balance of the biological flow system.

Thus  "the discord of disease, becomes the harmony of health", (Aristotle), by elimination of toxic effects in Homo Electromagneticus.


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