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Probion Probion® probiotics from WASA Medicals. Probion is the only probiotic on the market in tablet form with guaranteed integrity at the end of it's shelf-life whether it is refrigerated or stored at room temperature! Click for more details.

Spirulina and Chlorella from Sanatur in Germany.


Spirulina Platensis microalgae belongs to the most precious alkaline natural substances on the planet. In concentrated natural form it provides more than 50 vital substances and has been used historically as a food supplement.


Chlorella Pyrenoidosa probably has the highest chlorophyll content in the plant kingdom. Chlorophyll is an important oxidant carrier and is often called 'packaged sunlight'



A One-A-Day dietary supplement Celt Naturals in Canada containing:

Enzogenol, discovered at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, contains the most comprehensive complex of natural antioxidants yet discovered.

Phytosterols at 300mg , the recommended daily intake.

Cellasate, an essential fatty acid complex designed to enhance absorption and retention of the phytosterols and anti-oxidants within the body.












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