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Formed in 1996 Bio Pathica Ltd are sole distributors and importers for Anti-Homotoxic Bio Regulatory Remedies manufactured by HEEL GmbH in Baden Baden Germany.


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We also import and solely distribute synergistic products such as probiotics from WASA Medicals in Sweden - Spirulina and Chlorella and a range of Spirulina Based Natural Skincare Products from Sanatur in Germany. In addition there are two other useful products we distribute Immuno-300 (plant sterol preparation) and Easy-Flex, an analgesic embrocation.


These products can be effectively used by professionals in Natural, Medical, Veterinary and Dental Practices. The business is run with Customer Service and Satisfaction as its main objective. Supplies are generally despatched within 24hrs of receiving an order.


The supply of products is limited to Practitioners and Professionals only.




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